Thursday, July 10, 2014

ND Around the Mangoes Villas for sale Located at Sarjapur Road, Bangalore 3BHK Villas and 4BHK Villas.

ND Around the Mangoes Villas Area Range 2980-4920 Sq.ft, Located at Sarjapur Road, Bangalore 3BHK Villas and 4BHK Villas.



With Bangalore growing astronomically in the past years, it is very rare to find a home with a garden. Gone are the days when you could have your own orchard in your backyard. Who wouldn’t want to eat a fruit grown on their own tree, walk around in the lush green backdrop of their home and also enjoy the luxury of all modern amenities simultaneously?

N.D Developers offers you an opportunity to obtain your dream house in your dream setting. N.D Around the Mangoes is an exclusive villa project on 20 acres of woodland which includes a flourishing mango groove. Move away from the automobile fumes, noise of horns and pollution to a peaceful secluded private heaven offered in this gated enclave.

Having a theme of eco-living space, Around the Mangoes is an exemplary example of contemporary architecture, sustainable planning and eco-friendly features. It embraces the nature’s bounty and adopts a living style which refreshes and enlightens mind, body and soul. Located in Gunjur, East Bangalore, the enclave consists of 165 villas. Each of these villas is a well-crafted gem having unparalleled designs, unique but functional elements and materials of highest quality.

Around The Mangoes has something to offer for every individual with its zero-maintenance gardens, shaded seating and gazebos; walking and cycling trail; and the central meadows which includes a gathering pavilion, mediation platforms, exercise courts, amphitheater and children play area.

N.D Developers have thoughtfully included many world-class amenities inside the premises of their new project. You can now enjoy the luxury and comfort of having easy access to a swimming pool, gym, spa and meditation centre, tennis court, squash court, practice cricket pitch, shuttle court and skating rink; supermarket, party hall, indoor-game area and a club house.

In the interest of environmental conservation various green elements have been adopted in the project; some of these include rain water harvesting, solar lighting, vermin composting facility, low flow toilet and zero discharge features, low VOC paints and villa designs which reduce energy consumption.


Entrance Plaza
Central meadows- Beautifully Landscaped Garden
Tot-lot & Children play area
Exercise courts & Yoga/meditation decks
Paved garden pathways
Jogging / Walking Trail
Basket Ball court
Tennis court
Cricket pitch
Conservatory forest with nursery
Conservatory pond
Main gate with Security
Arrival drive

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Debt Financing

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Equity-based Financing

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