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Lake Verandahs Multistorey Apartments Located at Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore available with 3BHK Apartments.

Lake Verandahs Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1660-2061 Sq.ft, Located at Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore available with 3BHK Apartments.


Lake Verandahs are going to be one among the foremost architectually vital buildings at Bannerghatta Road. Its manificient positioning, scale and particularisation can guarantee it's a landmark building.

Premium Clubhouse Facilities

• Swimming Pool
• Children’s Pool
•Fully equipped gym & exercise hall
• Parks and Recreational Grounds
• Badminton, squash and Tennis courts
• Pool and Billiards
• Hall for entertainment / recreation
• Fully Equipped Gymnasium
• Bar
• Spa and Salon
• Cafes / Restaurants
• various parks and playgrounds
• Outdoor Basketball court
• Cricket Pitch
• FTTH in all units

Fibre to the home technology- FTTH:

• Broadband internet
• Video on demand
• Video/ IP telephony
• Visitor video message
• Building management services
• Home automation
• Video IP 24/7 surveillance
• Triple play with voice, video and data on fibre with huge bandwidth


The idea of residences is of recent origin in Bangalore, Associate in Nursingd 1st residences were made in Malleshwaram an extension noted for bungalows with huge open area and gardens. 

Apartments have bound special options like homeowners owning undivided share of the land, sharing facilities payment of maintenance charges, that necessitated separate statute.

The State of geographic region was 1st to enact “Maharashtra lodging possession Act 1970, that came into force from February nineteen, 1971.

Karnataka lodging possession Act, 1972 was 1st printed in province Gazette extraordinary on twenty three.07.1973, and came into force from 01.04.1975.

Apartment, Flat and Building etc.

Apartment is outlined in province lodging possession Act as “a a part of the property meant for any variety of freelance use, as well as one or additional rooms or confined areas set on one or additional floor ( or components thereof) in a very building meant to be used for residential functions and with an on the spot exit to a public street, road or main road or to a standard space resulting in such street, road or main road.

Flat, in step with Flat possession Act could be a separate and self contained set of premises used, meant to be used for residence or workplace, or saleroom or retailers or go down (includes a garage) the premises forming a region of a building.

A building contains four or additional residences or 2 or additional buildings every containing 2 or additional residences with a complete four or additional residences of all such buildings and comprising a region of the property. 

Common areas and facilities

The distinctive feature of residences is common areas and facilities, that is common to any or all homeowners, ought to be shared with others and none can have absolute possession over them.  This includes the land on that building is made, the muse, columns girders, beams, supports, main works, roof halls, corridors, lobbies, stairs, stairways, fireplace escapes, entrances and exits of the building, basement, cellars, yards, gardens, parking areas, storage areas, the premises for lodging of janitors, persons used for management of property, installations of central services like power, light, gas, hot and cold water, heating, refrigeration, air con, incinerating, elevators, tanks, pumps, motor fans, compressors, ducts, and generally all equipment and installations existing for any common use.  Further, community and industrial facilities and every one alternative components of the property necessary or convenient to its existence, maintenance, safety or commonly in common use.  However, all such common areas and facilities ought to be mentioned in deed of declaration to be registered with the territorial sub-registrar.

When there area unit common areas and facilities expenditures is needed to take care of, to repairs them. The expenses towards maintenance and maintenance of common area unitas and facilities are common expenses or maintenance charges, that needs to shared by all lodging homeowners, supported the world of their residences common expenses means that “all sums lawfully assessed against the lodging owner” by the Association of lodging homeowners expenses of administration, maintenance, repair or replacement of common areas and facilities, expenses and expenses in agreement as common expenses in byelaws.

Every lodging owner needs to share the common expenses supported the super designed space of his lodging and needs to be paid sporadically.

Any unpaid common expenses shall represent a charge on such lodging, except charge if any on lodging for payment of presidency and municipal taxes and every one sums unpaid on mortgage of the lodging as per section nineteen of the Act.

As the common expenses area unit shared there can't be any loss however possibilities of surplus funds area unit there, that is common profits.  Common profits means that balance of all financial gain, rents, profits, and revenues from common areas and facilities remaining when deduction common expenses.


Like numerous ordinarily used words having completely different that means the property additionally had distinct that means because the Act.  This includes land, building all enhancements and structures on that, allowed in freehold or endured lease or as a occupier below any law concerning land revenue and every one easements, rights, appurtenances belong to it and every one articles of private property meant to use in reference to that are or meant to be submitted to the provisions of Act.

Deed of declaration

If any lodging owner needs to be ruled purchase the provisions of this Act, he shall execute a deed of declaration of lodging below this Act, that needs to be registered with territorial sub registrar. Deed of lodging contains, description of land on that the building is made, whether or not the land is freehold or acres, complete description of building, mentioning the amount of floors, basement range of residences and principle materials of that it's made, range of every lodging, location, area, range of rooms, immediate common space to that it's access and the other information relevant for correct identification, description of common areas and facilities, price of the property, every lodging, share of undivided right in common areas and facilities for every lodging, name of the owner, selection rights, use of every lodging.

Separate assessment

Each lodging with its share of undivided right within the land, common areas facilities are deemed as separate property for assessment of tax onto land and building.

Status of residences

Each lodging along side its undivided right in land, common areas represent a genetic and transferable immobile property. consequently the lodging homeowners could transfer his lodging with its undivided right in land, common areas, facilities by means of sale, mortgage, lease, gift, exchange in the other manner, may additionally  create gift of an equivalent below law applicable to transfer and succession of immobile property.

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