Saturday, December 14, 2013

An Artical about "Nand Flats at Ahordable Prices"

With real estate rates  not going down as fast as expected, some builders have started shrinking the size of the flat instead. This practice is especially followed in projects beyond Mumbai. Predictably they are being sold as ‘Nano” flats. Asked if size of the flats would get smaller yet if the slow down continued, one of the developers said they would not bring down the carpet are below 200 sq.ft. to 180 sq.ft. which he felt would not be conducive to proper living.

Take for instance Neptune Group’s project coming up inAmbivli near Kalyan. The scheme has 2BHK flats with a carpet area of 387 sq.ft and 1 BHK flats with a carpet area of 233 sq.ft., with the builder is selling at the rate ranging between Rs. 1,499/-and Rs.1,599/- per sq.ft. In 1 BHK flats, the hall is 82 sq.ft., while the bedroom is 78 sq.ft., and the kitchen measures 38 sq.ft. In 2BHK flats, the dimensions are slightly bigger.

Though smaller flats are a big hit in the lower-middleclass, according to the housing guide lines, the carpet area of a single unitcan’t be less than 169 sq.ft., anything smaller would amount to poor livingconditions. To ensure better living conditions and safety, the size of the kitchen can’t be less than 60 sq.ft., the size of the living room should at least be 120 sq.ft., Bathrooms and toilets should be a minimum of 30 sq. ft. If the smaller flats, the demand for which is high in times of a slowdown, can keep the economy of builders moving, both builders and people will go for it. Architects and planners say affordable houses for the lower-middle income groupshould have a carpet area of 300 sq.ft., or more.

Tanaji Malusare City is constructing 15,000 flats at Karjat with carpet areas of 160 sq.ft., 225 sq.ft., 325 sq.ft., and 400 sq.ft., under its ‘social housing projects’. About 6,000 flats will be given for MMRDA’srental housing scheme, while the rest of the flats will be for sale. The cost of the flats ranges between Rs.2 lakhs and Rs. 7 lakhs. The MMRDA recently awarded similar schemes to two other developers, including HDIL, outside Mumbai.
According to Thane-b ased Ram Estate Consultant, builders have realized that oeple in Thane and Navi Mumbai have increasingly started asking for 1-2BHK flats, a trend which was earlier restricted to Mumbai. He attributed the development to the current economic slump. Another developer said that his scheme was designed after a survey which indicated that there was a demand for such Nano flats.
In order to make housing even more affordable, he added that residents on the first three floors were not allowed the use of lifts and those staying on the forth floor and above would have to pay maintenance to avail the facility.

Greenery around us leads to the advantages of antipollution, environment friendly measure which gives us oxygen-rich air to breathe in, where health benefits for the body and cosmetic benefit for healthy and glowing skin is also integrated.

Lots of ways are there to green small spaces and if you livein a small space and have a small home and no sprawling graden, you need islittle imagination and effort to have the pleasure of greenery. If a tiny ground is fronting your home, create a small patch of green by filling it with fertile soil and planting a few plants which won’t grow into large trees requiring big space. There are plenty of potted plants just ideal for tiny spaces, where you can create a small garden in your balcony or terrace. A smallsculpture in an affordable material placed in between the plants looksattractive. A floor lamp will also enhance the beauty. You can also hang lantern above the plants from the ceiling. If you have a tiny backyard, you can add a series of grooves with plants there.

If your lifestyle necessitates long stay away from home and absolutely no access to green plants, there are some plants which can do without watering for long periods of time and also use dried flowers and ferns in a small comer for a similar effect.

When there is absolutely no space on the floor or balcony,then the window sill is a good option as a space for placing a fewslow-growths, small-size plants. Another option is hanging plants, these can be placed just outside the entrance or in the balcony either overhead or suspended from the railing.

Another location for greenery in such space-cramped homes would be a study table or a corner of the kitchen counter. Small desktop plants can be accommodated in these locations. Terrarium is a kind of garden which has a zero-maintenancewhen once it is installed. It is often found in large homes but given that itoccupies only a small area, it is ideal for homes short of space as it is likea small indoor garden by itself. Terrariums are bottle gardens. 

However, they are not to be confused with plants growing out of a bottle as for e.g., the Terrariums contain a plant or several small plants, complete with supporting soil all contained within a glass case and growing within this moist enclosed space. Since a clear glass case with lid is an ideal option, youcan even use old or discarded aquariums or any wide-mouthed glass pitcher forthis. Slow-growth plants are ideal for terrariums and generally speakingflowering plants are not suitable.

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