Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Artical about "Simple changes transform a Home"

The look of enchanting beauty or the dull monotony of the interiors of a house largely depends upon the selection of furniture. The charm of colonial furniture is a sure-fire choice as it goes well with any kind of colour themes. Some people still prefer to opt for polyurethane-coated furniture, an amalgamation of Japanese, Italian and Shaharanpur styles, with floral carving mounted on curvy moulding.

The mental outlook of the way of looking as it needs to be changed. The conventional outlook has been formed by having looked at it for so long and getting accustomed to it. This has to be changed. In small apartments, a bedroom cannot be looked upon as a place to just sleep in at night, it also needs to act as a lounge, an area where one can relax and ged away from the anguish of big city life. There is a general tendency to ignore lofts, passages, comers, foyers and corridors. In fact, if enough attention is paid to these niche areas, they can enhance the appearance of the house.

Most of the people consider the bathroom to be unimportant and a place simply meant for the apparent purpose of cleansing, but it is more than that. In actual reality, it is telltale benchmark of the owner’s eye for detail. Well-placed mirrors, simple colour schemes, and see-through shower stalls make for an airy, spacious bathroom. Decorating the bathroom with a false ceiling is an outmoded practice. Nowadays it is not in vogue.

Recently a builder was ordered to pay almost eight times the original price of the flat for his inordinate and unjustified delay in delivering possession to a purchaser. The judgment of the State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has been hailed by consumer activists as a much needed trend to bring much needed accountability in Realty Sector.

TheState Commission expressed its deep anguish over the exploitation of helplessconsumers by the builders and developers. It viewed the delay and usualpractice of creating a third party interest with utmost seriousness and henceslapped eight times penalty. This case can certainly turn into a trend-setter and many such cases will now land up in Consumer Disputes-Redressal Commissions. In the instant case, Prashant Kulkarni had purchased a flat for Rs.6.5 lakh in Kothrud area ofPune. Here most of the flats are owned by people from Vidarbha. From Vijay Wagh of Mrunmayee Society in 2001. With possession promised the same year, consumer had cleared the initial payments, keeping merely Rs.70,000/- pending to be paid at the time of possession of the flat. Prashant Kulkarni, in his complaint has stated that possession was not delivered and the builder created third party interest. No notice of cancellation of alleged default was served to him.

Thebuilder claimed that since purchaser had not paid the amount, the agreement wascancelled due to default in payment. As usual the builder claimed that agreement was not registered and is under Maharashtra Ownership of Flat Act 1983 and hence not maintainable. However, the District Forum also rejected the claim and contention and directed the builder to hand over possession to the original purchaser. The State Commission pointed out that though the Forum below hadordered to handover the possession of flat to the consumer, he would notimmediately get the possession as the builder has already created third partyinterest in the flat originally booked by him and parted with the possession infavour of third party.

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