Monday, March 10, 2014

LGCL Pueblo Villas for sale off Sarjapur Road, Bangalore - 3BHK & 4BHK Villas.

LGCL Pueblo Villas Area Range 2483 sqft - 3690 sqft, Located at Sarjapur Road, Bangalore available with 3BHK Villas & 4BHK Villas.

Welcome to LGCL Pueblo – a rustic yet elegant Spanish retreat in the hub of Bangalore.

Inspired by the captivating Spanish architecture, LGCL Pueblo is yet another feather in the cap for Bangalore’s preferred villa specialists. Dwell in the earthy coloured abodes with hand-plastered external surfaces and stepped terraces. Several decades ago, large nucleated villages housed communities using adobe mud and other local materials forming exotic Spanish settlements. Taking a leaf out of their book, LGCL Pueblo is a Spanish village in the middle of the metro at Nagnathpura, off Sarjapur Road. Offering the perfect upscale community for cosmopolitan living, these Spanish inspired villas are a blend of Cosmo sophistication, magnificent space planning, top notch amenities and flawless execution.

Breathe in the serenity of the 4 acre Spanish villagesque milieu while the business district rumbles next door. Housing a measly 59 villas, LGCL Pueblo is a captivating mix of architecture and lifestyle. Every dwelling has been planned to give maximum privacy and external space, while internal spaces seamlessly flow into each other. A long by-lane entry ensures you are seceded from the noisy streets. While every villa is blessed with an enormous backyard lawn, a lawn along the spine of the community acts as a green lung inside. Pergolas with creepers further bring the external greenery within.

Compromising on a scrumptious breakfast so you can scurry over to work will now be a thing of the past. Time will be the least of your concerns as you linger over your most important meal of the day while leisurely glancing through your morning tabloid. Watch the metro bustle away from your own private retreat. Relish the perks of living in the hub of the city.

Choose from a bouquet of amenities to foster your leisure needs. A 24-hour fitness centre, complete with the latest equipment, keeps you up to speed. The clubhouse opens up to the resort-style terrace pool and is perfect for unwinding. A myriad of leisure activities including the swimming pool, a kids’ pool, table tennis & billiards room ensure you make the clubhouse your second home.

LGCL Pueblo offers everything you could you ask of a city-centric dream home, and more. A mélange of luxury and exclusivity, LGCL Pueblo is a gift of solitude that lies in wait to serve as your future haven. Welcome to a home that is ‘Simply Marvelloso!


club house 
swimming pool
Kids pool
Kids Room
Table Tennis & Billiards Room
Party Hall and Banquet.

Every person desires to have a house of his / her own according to his or her financial position. It is the emotional bondage towards the house that over weighs than the concrete structure of the house. Normally, a person invests money to acquire immovable property either once or twice. Therefore, the purchaser has to put forth a lot of efforts to get the immovable property with good, clear and marketable title. When once a property in a good locality with marketable title is purchased, he can live peacefully and comfortably in the said property.

It is not easy either to buy a new house / apartment or to construct a house. A person intending to purchase an immovable property either for his occupation or for investment purpose, has to look into various aspects involved in the purchase of an immovable property. If the desire of a person is to buy an apartment, then it is necessary to identify the right location and a reputed builder and if the desire is to construct a house, then a reliable and competent person to undertake the construction work is very necessary.

Selection of location Before acquiring any property, more impetus should be on the location since it plays a paramount role in almost all aspects of the real estate. However, the process of identifying the location for owning any property depends upon the purpose for which such person intends to invest, which could be either for residential or commercial, since the priorities differ according to the purpose for which the property is intended to be purchased. Selecting a property situated at a convenient and suitable location will result in appreciation of its value and this in turn satisfies you, for having invested in a profitable property.

The location of the property depends upon the purpose for which the property is purchased. In case the property is purchased for self-occupation, a residential locality not far away from the heart of the city is preferable and in case the property is purchased for commercial purpose, it is very important that the property is to be situated in a place which is easily accessible to the public. One should not yield to the pressure created for purchasing a property at a cheaper price. Instead, one should ensure proper verification and examination of documents with extraordinary care. 
It is advisable to select properties situated in the layouts approved by the competent authorities, which, in turn would enable you to avail all the facilities within the layout. It is also important that the area should have basic facilities and civic amenities to ensure better enjoyment of the property. The infrastructure facilities should be good in all respects. That apart,  the size of the plot to suit your pocket and the permitted FAR (Floor Area Ratio) are necessarily to be considered. The first and foremost thing that should be kept in mind at the time of identifying the property is that the property intended to be purchased should not be located within the close vicinity of a slum area or place of worship or of a drainage line. 

The following are some of the guidelines required to be considered while choosing the location:  

Generally, persons prefer to spend more time in their residences for rest, sleep and family interactions after they return from work. 

The location for residence should be free from air pollution and noise pollution. 

Good environments including natural light and good ventilation will be an added advantage from the health point of view. 

Added to this, an area inhabited by decent, educated and cultured people would be a gifted advantage.
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