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Fortune Kosmos Villa Located off Sarjapur Road, Bangalore This project having 3BHK Villas.

Fortune Kosmos Villa Area Range 2400 - 4000 Sq.ft Located off Sarjapur Road, Bangalore This project having 3BHK Villas.


Fortune Kosmos is a 50-acre world-class Integrated Township, just off Sarjapur Road. Fortune Kosmos celebrates “'The Spirit of Greece, in a Wealth of Green”'.

While it has been inspired by the wisdom of the Greeks, Fortune Kosmos is futuristic in almost every respect. Starting with its ground-breaking architecture.

Exquisite villas, lifestyle amenities, top-notch facilities and commercial spaces blend harmoniously with landscaped gardens and parks to make life at Fortune Kosmos a truly illuminating experience!

Life is richer at Fortune Kosmos. Days are sprinkled with fun-filled activities. Quality time with the family over a cappuccino or in the Swimming Pool is well-balanced with “me-time” in the Health Club or a pleasant stroll in the park. Here’s a brief look at the Lifestyle Amenities on offer at Fortune Kosmos.

    Philos - Clubhouse with Party Hall and Indoor Games
    State-of-the-art Health Club with fully equipped Gymnasium, Steam/Sauna
    Swimming Pool with Kids Pool
    Jogging Track
    Tennis Court
    Kiddies Corner
    Agora – The Convenience Store
    Coffee Shop
    Helios – The Business Tower
    Landscaped Gardens and Parks

The Project will also have Rain Water Harvesting, the Sandhya Jyothi Service for the care of the aged, a Property Management Cell and much more!

While coming up with a building, the one side that's principally unnoticed is that of Noise management. Noise is injurious each physically and mentally to any or all people at large. it'll be felt within the long-term, when having caused irreparable injury. therefore it's important to bring down the sound levels throughout construction stages and later too.

The buildings situation within the country is chop-chop ever-changing. the most reason is that the proliferation and quick section of the development work.  All the foremost cities ar witnessing continuous makeover, however this needn't be the explanation for ignoring sure basic and easy tips.  Buildings should be harmonised with the 5 natural parts like earth, fire, water, air and ether and conjointly with the 5 senses of group like sight, hearing, smell, style and bit.  The designed setting should be a stress-buster and not a stress-spreader.

Spaces for all forms of occupation like for amusement, retail, offices and residences ar purposeful and designed for visual aesthetics, life safety, comfort and different vital aspects, however no attention is got acoustics and noise management. The second sense of humans, hearing, that follows that of the visual being the primary so as of importance is greatly unnoticed.

Sound may be a terribly essential component. once the tv is watched in mute mode, all the sensations and comedy is nonexistent. however constant sound if excessive, changing into a rough quality of noise, the sense of hearing isn't harmonised with the opposite senses of people at large. This aggravates stress.

Acoustical issues

In Residences. The distressing and dogging hum of the pump within the basement amplified through the shaft, the low-flying craft rattling windows, flush noise punctuating studies and meditation, the traffic noise piercing through the balcony, the sounds of dialogues and music from the tv reechoing within the hall ar a number of the common experiences of heavy sounds within the residences.

In workplace Campuses. within the offices wherever individuals pay 1/2 their lives, the jarring hardships they need to endure ar several.  The central court vestibule, resounding with disagreeable combination of loud noises of street noise and traveller voices, the canteen crammed with and spilling out the continual sound of techno-babble, the roof prime excitement unit transmission down the painful vibrations, the recently completed road association or flyover causing in noise from dashing vehicles even into the yet quiet room and also the ineluctable voice-based call-centres all boost the discomfort of the sense modality sense.

Other designed areas.  Most of the sound emanating from the final and customary sources ar ineluctable. The beating and thumping from the ballroom clubs wherever individuals dance to the recorded popular music heavy the space guests in trendy and flamboyant star Hotels, the trendy elevated lightweight transit railway transportation within the clatter to a studio, noise transfer between the adjacent halls of a multiplex, associate degree action motion picture with special sound – effects spoiling a peaceful romantic moment or missing out a vital announcement publically areas ar a number of the resultant issues from noise transference and noise magnification.

Ignoring  Acoustics

Normally most of the architects and civil consultants the prime movers of the planning community, place stress on the visual and different comforts however usually tend to ignore acoustics. Attention is turned towards it only it becomes a serious drawback post - occupancy. only a few comes requisition the services of acoustic specialists to get on board at the planning stage. Most ar within the misguided notion that an acoustic knowledgeable is needed just for special venues like cinemas, auditoria and studios. this can be associate degree inaccurate read. to know get pleasure from and understand verity potential of any designed house, the second sense of human beings that is., the hearing should tend its due importance.

To give a similarity, whereas Republic of India had adopted monetary unit III norms for smoke emission from vehicles, once most of the developed world is on monetary unit V in acoustics and noise management we tend to were still at monetary unit I, what the developed world was doing twenty years back. As India's gross domestic product inexorably rises and that we fancy ourselves as an economic powerhouse, as we tend to get accustomed the newest models of laptops, mobile phones, vehicles and residential appliances just like monetary unit V, we tend to should chop-chop upgrade the standard of sound around United States of America to at-least monetary unit III if not monetary unit V. this can be actually attainable if additional stress is given to acoustics and noise management in designed areas.


Incorporating correct and easy natural philosophy techniques at the planning stage will yield made dividends. a number of the planning techniques which will improve the natural philosophy experiences of designed areas ar enumerated below.  The pump is put in on anti-vibration pads however it's not created certain whether or not the pipe fittings ar bolt connected to the building structure.  If not they'll be transferring the pump vibrations. the most effective answer to the present is Resilient pipe mounts.

For low-flying craft, it's imperative for the general public to lobby for altered flight methods or shifting of airports on the far side the outskirts of cities.  Most of Asian Capitals like port, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hongkong, Seoul have done it same may be followed within the case of Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore & Hyderabad.

But this can be a Herculean task. until then natural philosophy gaskets may be provided to the perimeter of thicker glass panes as they're fitted  in metal / wood frames. additionally, natural philosophy gaskets may be provided to the perimeter of the wall frames that receive the window and door shutters.

For avoiding traffic noise the best answer for lower floors is to form the boundary of the premises a noise – isolant one. For the higher floors it's best to form the ceiling of the balconies as sound engrossing as attainable.

The atrium and also the eating place in workplace campuses can want less of polished surfaces and parallel surfaces. Glazing could also be innovatively angulate to diffuse the sound waves. rough-textured paint and glass textile finishes will facilitate marginally. For more durable cases, standard natural philosophy panels could also be placed strategically.

The upper side excitement units ar typically mounted on resilient mounts however it ought to be seen that the pipelines are acoustically supported on the building structure. at the side of that natural philosophy louvers can be necessary on the perimeter, as an enclosure, to avoid noise from traveling to the adjacent flat blocks.

The air-con duct layout within offices ought to cut the noise at supply, the AHU area and attenuators strategically placed at area boundaries. Wall partitions too should go right up to verity roof and not terminate at the false ceiling level. although that's not the case at call-centres, the partial-height barriers at workstations ought to be noise - rated. the peak of minimum 600 millimetre is important, otherwise even the most effective of noise rated barriers can fail.

The most troublesome to regulate ar low frequency sound waves. they're offered in most doses at discotheques, pubs and night clubs.  They possess massive wavelengths and wish large surfaces to regulate them. therefore it's indispensable to possess structural separation of the surfaces.

The transport noise is prevent with noise - rated window and doors on the affected surfaces and air-conditioning of the house.

Most of the general public areas within the country have deficiency publically address system. intelligibility is extremely poor. Objective testing for intelligibility to current International Standards is that the best thanks to guarantee systems integrators install it right.

Endless is that the list of acoustics issues and their solutions. all ought to bear in mind and bear in mind of the actual fact that acoustics may be a science which will be simply and inexpensively additional to any project. conjointly it's to be accepted that natural philosophy solutions is innovatively straightforward and wish not involve elaborate treatment.

A significant observation are illustrative of this truth. the planning community tends to confuse sound absorption and noise isolation. A porous material to soak up sound is needed. Quite conversely, a porous material doesn't block noise. therefore to isolate noise, mass or significant material that's stiff however dampened is required. the 2 ar totally different and typically one material cannot do each unless it's specifically designed for the aim.


For effective noise isolation the operation of mere “double - glazing” in windows will not do. The vital side is to ascertain the windows being properly noise - rated and put in.  Like that the mere word “acoustic - lining” in AC ducts doesn't guarantee HVAC noise management unless the system is professionally designed and put in. the incorrect specs may also result in deterioration in indoor  Air quality [IAQ] inflicting sick building syndrome.

The mere word “double wall” doesn't guarantee acoustic privacy since the walls could also be bolt  coupled to the structural column. Split columns and growth joints can be the solution.

The acoustics corporations resort to any or all kinds of glib speak, taking note of that designers ar attracted at the initial stage and ar then thwarted once results ar but satisfactory.

Architects might fine return to the module on acoustics educated  in subject field associate degreed civil courses or decision in an acoustics knowledgeable.

The excellent benefits ought to tend to house occupants not solely in floor finishes, furnishings and window, doors however in acoustic terms too. Builders ought to deliver soundscaped complicated. Premium customers ar willing to pay the extra prices incurred since they plan and long for a first expertise.

Each and each one in all the voters of the country should instill in them the habit of constructing less noise. it would be honking less on the streets. we tend to ar witnessing on the roads drivers honking once the traffic lights simply flip inexperienced. everyone can mechanically move ahead a minimum of when a couple of seconds delay. That momentaneous impatience resulting in needless honking ought to be controlled. The door could also be closed gently behind United States of America. One will lower the voice whereas speaking on their cell phones that ar conspicuous all over.

The builders, if they deliver acoustically – increased and pleasant areas bit by bit the world might transform a quieter, higher place to line, work and luxuriate in.

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