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VS Sai Ashraya Apartments Located in Whitefield, Bangalore offered 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.

VS Sai Ashraya Multistorey Apartments Area Range 975-1695 Sq.ft, Located in Whitefield, Bangalore offered 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.


Located in the City's golden mile, the project is shaping up as one of the most sought sites attracting IT folks, corporate employees and private entrepreneurs. In addition, a number of retirees have already voiced their preference to settle in these quite environs. The place is well served by a public transportation-Bus and train services. Affordable share a cab drop facility is regularly available from every dawn to late night. Social infrastructure - hospitals, diagnostics centers, star hotels, function centers are nearby. So also multiplexes and gaming spots. In short, a well developed urban territory for you to invade and conquer! 

Our comprehensive approach to civil planning results in two fold excellence - in technical details and aesthetic interiors. So, there is absolutely no compromise or shortfall in quality. This is the reason why our project work is greater in value appreciation, holds solid structural stamina and is long lasting. As developers, we consider every aspect in depth, so that you can avoid hassles, later. Similarly, we understand and appreciate the value of your hard earned money. Our primary accountability is to give you a trusted construction which commands your respect an good will for a life time. 

This is another proud project from our stable and offers top-of-the table conveniences with world class quality standards. Since we have been around for long time, you can expect and find a high level of satisfaction in our construction strength. This will be reflected as you will discover yourself in many ways. In our finishes, in the gloss, every aspect displays the highest degree of perfection. When it comes to applying the colour, we finally select a patch of wall and paint the color scheme. we try different tones and blends, select the best and appy the same everywhere. 

Luxry amenities like swimming pool, well-developed children's play area, jogging track, multipurpose party hall.


Beautifully LandScaped Gardens

Swimming Pool with child pool Annexe

Solar Heated Water

Children's Play Area

Multi-Purpose Hall

Round the Clock Security

Well Equipped GYM

Intercom system

Generator with round the clock power Backup

Intercom Facility

Jogging Track and Cricket net, outdoor activities

The apartment culture is of recent origin and has become very hip. this sort of cluster housing isn't alien to the human culture.  Earlier folks accustomed live to tell the tale riverbanks in teams sharing common facilities. 

In the early twentieth century metropolis was identified for such cluster housing however during a completely different manner. cluster housing popularly referred to as “Vatara” was quite common in metropolis wherever tiny habitation units were created during a single compound and families lived in good harmony and unison. The Vatara, accustomed be horizontal or L formed with single structure buildings whereas the flats ar vertical with multistoreyed buildings.

In metropolis within the early seventies, the primary housing created was Shalimar housing. within the early eighties housing culture began to point out its presence in Malleshwaram. housing Culture is chop-chop memorizing, metropolis currently has nearly four hundred players World Health Organization have arrived on the scene to market varied housing comes together with several on the outskirts of metropolis. per a survey, throughout 97-98 nearly ten,000 flats were lying unsold. currently things has modified. a long time Promoter will simply sell all the flats at intervals a number of days once finishing the Bhoomi Pooja.


Flats have sure blessings compared to freelance homes. Community living offers security and sure amenities and facilities, that a personal cannot afford and which may be shared with alternative occupants as common facilities at borderline value. Facilities like gymnasium, recreational center, pool, sauna; bathing tub, full-fledged security, clubhouses, sports and games come back at nominal value. typically flats have home owners Residents Association, that attend to the issues of the residents and carryout repairs.

The client of a flat needn't worry concerning problems like getting arrange sanctions, finding a contractor, supervision the development, obtaining water, power, healthful association and alternative connected formalities, that the Developer takes care. client could have the inside done per his desires on payment of some extra fee.

Sanctioning Authority

With regard to enabling of plans, the varied approving authorities have powers with some restrictions. The village panchayet cannot approve an idea of a multistorey building; they will approve the bottom and level. town municipal council will approve an idea of ground and 3 floors, like wise the metropolis town Corporation too have some restrictions on approval of plans. High Rise complex or a Building quite 8000 sqft of land and any building plans surpassing the prescribed height has got to be approved by city planning Authority. It should be unbroken in mind that any large violation of the sanction arrange can face the threat of demolition of the buildings at the long run date.

It is conjointly necessary to determine whether or not the building has complied with the ground space magnitude relation (FAR), that is, total designed up space permissible on the plot with prescribed setbacks - vacant house that's left round the building.

Financial establishments ar presently providing long loans at a awfully low rate. Housing finance corporations and banks conjointly like funding the flats as multiple beneficiaries board one compound and it'd be straightforward for them to follow up and wish not pay a lot of on legal formalities.

Any high rise structure ought to have clearance from BWSSB, BESCOM, FIRE FORCE, phonephone DEPARTMENT and conjointly from the airdrome AUTHORITY OF India.


No doubt, there ar sure disadvantages conjointly, most vital is that the lack of privacy that is obtainable in freelance homes, wherever the resident is that the king of the house and has unlimited freedom. The owner of a flat cannot have extra construction and alteration, even so as to repair a leak on the ceiling one has got to get the permission of the association and also the person living on the higher floor.  Whereas, within the case of an freelance house, the owner could add extra construction as per his needs and set free an equivalent to supplement his financial gain with none hindrance.

Generally native folks like freelance homes. The marketing worth of flats is a smaller amount, since the building gets depreciated and destruction a flat and reconstructing it's conjointly out of the question. just in case of freelance homes, tho' the building gets depreciated, the land worth appreciates. If necessary the recent building could also be dismantled for brand new construction. Then the marketing worth of an freelance home is invariably a lot of. Flat home owners got to pay monthly maintenance charges, that now and then are going to be adequate to or quarter or [*fr1] the worth of rents paid to a house, relying upon the amenities provided.

The client of a flat has got to take under consideration the placement of the flat, its proximity to civic amenities and conjointly choose the builder per their diary. it's invariably best to go to a number of the comes completed by the builder before booking a flat.

Verification of the title of the property is one among the necessary aspects of purchase of property. tho' the builder provides legal certificate from their advocate, the client should severally get the title verified by his own Advocate. solely advocates with a minimum of seven years of expertise ar eligible to issue official document for the housing to the Developer as per the Karnataka housing Act. 

If the property is sold  by a general power of lawyer holder, verify the terms of touchstone and whether or not the owner World Health Organization has given the touchstone is living or not, ought to even be checked.

Validity of the touchstone, venture and alternative Title deeds ar most vital factors that ought to be unbroken in mind. Agreement with the developer ought to contain the possession details, sale price, payment schedule, Specifications of the development, lot details, undivided share of land, common amenities, Penalty clause for each parties, what ar the opposite deposit charges, Registration charges, excise as applicable or not, etc., ought to be mentioned within the Agreement. Further, it should conjointly contain the layout arrange, sketch of your portion of the housing, with specifications, date of commencement of construction work, date of returning of the housing, penalty for delayed construction and payment defaults, no increase clause, guarantee for the standard of construction and construction materials used. 

Apartment Owners’ Association

After the development and returning of flats, the home owners of flats kind associate degree association to require care of the wants of the residents and to repairs of the common areas. The builder should give elaborate drawings of electrical wiring, piping and system to the association. The builder should conjointly give all original Documents of the Title and Sale deed to the Association, together with arrange, drawings etc., as while not correct drawings, it'd be tough for the association to take care of the apartment house.

The building ought to have raise facility. One has got to examine the supply for water and healthful association. In several cases, tho' borwells ar trained, the yield is far less. that the residents got to purchase water from outside agencies at exhorbitant prices.

The housing should strictly adhere to the building byelaws. It should accommodates all rules and rules arranged  down by the pollution panel, corporation or municipality, development board and alternative authorities. Violation of laws can produce nice issues for the occupants of the housing block.
At the time of commencement, the builder ought to have obtained work commencement certificate and occupation certificate, at the top of the completion of construction, from the authority, that sanctioned the arrange.
These ar the final details one ought to check up on before getting a flat. Right alternative of the builder is extremely necessary. don't glide by shiny advertisements and tall claims. There ar several purported builders within the field with spectacular track records. select one among the great developers to satisfy your desires.

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