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Krishna Elicia Villa for sale Located in Yelahanka, Bangalore offered with 4BHK Villas.

Krishna Elicia Villa Area Range 4400-6000 Sq.ft, Located in Yelahanka, Bangalore offered with  4BHK Villas.


Our Imagination paints the canvass that’s not real. Imagination creates picture in your mind of something that you have not seen or experienced. Now un-imagine because at Krishna Elicia “Imagination is real”. Your imagination of taking a dip in your private pool after Friday night party is real....your imagination of a barbeque brunch on a lazy Sunday at your poolside deck is real.....taking a casual walk every morning on the misty grass of your private garden is real......Because at Krishna Elicia every imagination of your dream home is real.....
Krishna Elicia is designed to help you live grand. Lavish residences comprising of 55 ultra luxury Villaments ranging from 4400 Sqft to 6000 sqft.



Kids pool


Departmental Store

Badminton court


Swimming Pool


The city of bangalore is rising as a world hub of technology in Bharat. The transition had its impact on several fields and one such being the important estate, that is witnessing radical changes. With these current developments, there has been steep increase within the costs, leading to immense fluctuation within the rates. however, the appearance of major industries in urban center has led to consistency and stability over the unsteady costs real estate situation.

There has been exceptional growth within the population as a result of increasing numbers of migrants from totally different states to bangalore city. As a result, there's an enormous demand for housing solutions. so as to cope up with the increasing demand for housing, new layouts, each personal and BDA area unit developing, which, in turn, has led to the balance between the increasing demand for homes on one hand and stability in house costs.

Factors for demand

The fast increase within the demand for the standard residential area is as a result of the following reasons:

-> Rise within the financial gain of the center category, thereby up their expectations levels, and therefore the main reason behind this can be the growing IT Boom.

-> simple availableness of finance for getting properties in urban center

-> want of accommodation facilities for workers of transnational corporations like IT, BPO at urban center.

-> Invasion of huge company sectors homes and growth of the prevailing MNC’S.

-> Investment by NRI’s within the quality biological process / residential comes to have a house or an living accommodations in urban center

Preferred city:

As we know, the town of urban center attracts one and every one as a result of numerous reasons, such as:

• higher career opportunities.
• simple availableness of potential hands
•    Pleasant weather
•    Descent customary of living
• sensible social life, recreation and amusement facilities

Nevertheless, on top of factors overshadow the unpleasant facet of the urban center town like poor infrastructure, development, inefficient administration of the general public and statutory bodies, etc.

The government, when realizing the pathetic condition of these who area unit in desperate search of a ideal property, however hesitate to proceed as a result of unaffordable costs. The neighboring suburbs like Banashankari, Hosur road, Mysore road, Whitefield, Bellary, Yelahanka, Devanahalli Road, and alternative places, wherever land rates area unit relatively more cost-effective and cheap compared with Central city district.

The residential market within the town is witnessing increasing demand particularly within the south-eastern and jap elements of the town leading to over five hundredth increase in worth of the property, whether or not flat or vacant land, inside last one year.

Foreign Direct Investment

The Government in February 2005, relaxed the ban on Foreign Direct Investment. As a results of the aforesaid relaxation, investment over the important estate in urban center has inflated improbably, not solely by Indian investors, however conjointly several warm foreign investors and therefore the investment is calculable around two billion US$


In order to cater to the quick growing demand for owning a house at urban center, initiative was taken by BDA, that fashioned 3 new layouts at Banashankari sixth Stage, Visveswaraya Layout, and Anjanapura Layout. tho' the BSK sixth stage, Anjanapura and Visveswarya layouts were fashioned a protracted time back, nothing a lot of are in dire straits its development. All the aforesaid layouts don't seem to be inhabitable nowadays. it should take another five to ten years to measure well in these layouts.

The aforesaid layouts are fashioned by BDA however has miserably failing in providing civic amenities like sanitation facilities, electricity, water and numerous alternative facilities like Road, Shopping, Parks. Etc.

As regards the additional expected layout at Arkavathy worries, an equivalent was delayed for quite it slow as a result of redundant legal battles initiated concerning the commencement of the aforesaid project. However, the biological process activities was allowable to begin by  the Hon’ble judicature , however any such commencement remains expected from BDA. it should take some longer for everything to induce into order.

The same holds sensible with relevance the BMIC project and therefore the high-tech  town on Sarjapur road. Nothing is so as without delay and a quick and sincere initiative ought to be taken by the govt. to line right all the on top of.

Government duty

Government isn't encouraging the personal builders to create layouts approved by BDA. Though, the personal builders have subtle building excellence and potential man power, they're hesitant to proceed with the venture as a result of constant variation of state policies on tips and restrictions obligatory on the biological process activities undertaken by such personal builders.

Thus, owning a property in urban center with sensible civic amenities and at cheap would just about become a dream, specially for those that plan an living accommodations or a vacant land for cheap costs. currently burden lies on BDA, BMRDA and KHB to expedite quality biological process activities for the cheap rate with all the fundamental civic amenities.

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