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Shivaganga Elegance Multistorey Apartments, Located in Uttarahalli, Bangalore offered 2BHK Apartments.

Shivaganga Elegance Multistorey Apartments, Area Range 1000-1105 Sq.ft, Located in Uttarahalli, Bangalore offered 2BHK Apartments.


Shivaganga Elegance BBMP approved 2 BHK residential apartments is located of Uttarahalli main road, Drivn by design, the great attention to detail planning infuses spice into the space, whether is a nuclear or joint family the smartly crafted apartment fits comfortably in to your individualized lift style


Power Back-up for Common Areas
Gym / Multipurpose hall
Rain Water harvesting
Round the clock Security
Covered car Parking
Lift & Pumps

Land needed for building development needs to be regenerate to non-agricultural purpose below the state Land Revenue Act, 1964.  Utilization of land as lot while not conversion below the Land Revenue Act is unlawful.  There are affordable restrictions for granting permissions for conversion.  Conversion orders mustn't violate provisions of state city and Country designing Act, 1961. this implies that where the planning Act is effective, the aim that the land is regenerate mustn't be in violation of the approved programme (CDP) proposals.  Conversion of land within the inexperienced Belt planned within the programme is prohibited below the Land Revenue Act.  This modification was done once the inexperienced Belt proposal was introduced within the CDP-1984.

Government issued a circular on 02.07.2005 reintroducing Single Window Clearance for process applications seeking permission for conversion of agriculture land to non-agriculture use.  This recent procedure introduced to rectify discrepancies within the procedure for conversion of lands needs some corrections.  Comments and corrections needed are explained during this article.

Twelve copies of the applying for conversion of land needs to be submitted to the Deputy Commissioner. For lands within the metropolis Urban District, eleven copies are to be submitted.  Copies of the applying square measure needed to be sent to the subsequent agencies:

1. Special Deputy Commissioner  
2. BDA
4. metropolis International landing field space designing Authority (BIAPA)
5. BMP Health workplace 
7. hearth Force Department
8. state State Pollution panel.

Representatives of those agencies are the members of the one Window Agency (SWA). within the alternative districts, the PWD government Engineer could be a member of the SWA.

There looks to be no clear understanding of the Jurisdiction of the varied agencies within the metropolis Metropolitan space. within the Metropolitan space of metropolis covering 1279 sq kms, that is that the Jurisdiction of BDA, BDA is that the designing authority for opinion on the conversion of land use consistent with CDP and therefore the laws. within the opinion BDA is additionally needed to mention whether or not the land is notified/acquired/not notified. solely recently, the Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure passageway (BMIC) designing Authority was well-grooved with sixty five sq kms space out of the 1279 sq kms lined by the metropolitan space.  Creation of coming up with Authority for BMIC space is wrong because it is just alittle pocket within the BDA Jurisdiction. sixty five sq kms can not be excluded from the CDP of metropolis Metropolitan space.  The land uses and road network of this tiny space can not be puzzled out individually.  The proposals of this space ought to adjust to the overall programme of the metropolitan space.

The CDP-2015 ready by the French planners excludes BMIC space. however then conversion are going to be thought-about for this space until a programme is approved below the planning Act.  Proposals for services like; installation, below ground drain can not be individually puzzled out for this tiny space however needs to get on a comprehensive basis for the whole metropolitan space.  If correct attention is needed for this sixty five sq kms space, a wing within the arranging|city planning|urban planning|planning} Section of BDA ought to are entrusted for plan social control within the space.

Bangalore Metropolitan space and metropolis Metropolitan Region aren't properly understood by the agencies and therefore the public.  Metropolitan space is that the BDA space covering 1279 sq kms, metropolis Metropolitan Region is metropolis Urban and Rural district, and Malur Taluk of Kolar District. enlargement of the term “BMRDA” is “Bangalore Metropolitan Regional Development Authiority” and metropolis Metropolitan Region is its Jurisdiction excluding metropolis Metropolitan space, that is that the Jurisdiction of BDA.

Applications for conversion of land within the metropolis Metropolitan space needs to be sent solely to BDA and to not BMRDA. until the design Authority for BMIC isn't abolished seeable of the error as explained higher than, application for the conversion of the land within the sixty five sq kilometer BMIC space needs to be sent solely to BMIC designing Authority.

There are the subsequent alternative designing authorities/Urban Development Authority within the BMRDA area:

1. Nelamangala designing Authority
2. metropolis International landing field space designing Authority (BIAPA).
3. Kanakapura designing Authority.
4. Magadi designing Authority.
5. Ramanagara-Channapatna Urban Development Authority

Application for conversion within the higher than designing Authority/ Urban Development Authority space are needed to be sent to the higher than authorities that perform below planning Act and to not BMRDA.

Sending copies of the applying to BDA, BMRDA, BIAPA, as expressed within the Circular dated2.7.05. isn't correct and it ought to be to anyone of them as BDA/BMICPA/BMRDA/BIAPA/NelamangalaPA/Magadi PA/Kanakapura PA/ Ramanagara-Channapatna FTO.  Notifications square measure issued by the Urban Development Department of presidency below the planning Act indicating Jurisdiction of of these authorities. it's not thus troublesome for the Revenue Department to spot the Authority to that the applying is to be sent for opinion.

Sending copy of application to BMP Health workplace isn't necessary as opinion is invited from BWSSB and therefore the Pollution panel.

Opinion of the hearth Force Department isn't necessary at the stage of the conversion of the land.  Their opinion is critical just for building permission just in case of high rise buildings.

Opinion of Pollution panel altogether cases of conversion isn't necessary. solely just in case of activities making pollution, opinion of the Pollution panel could also be taken.

It is expressed that the SWA whereas allowing any land conversion should get the approved layout map from the applier. once more this condition within the circular dated 02.07.2005 for conversion of lands is wrong.  Layout needs to be thought-about by the BDA, BMRDA and alternative authorities solely once the land is regenerate for the aim as per the land use approved within the programme (CDP).  Another drawback in insistence on approved layout before conversion of land is that the significant official levy/ charges collected by BDA/BWSSB. what's going to happen to the fees acquired layout if conversion isn't thought-about by the Revenue Department as a result of some necessities below the Land Revenue Act.  Is it simple to urge back the official charges paid to the higher than authorities.

All the lands regenerate aren't right away developed.  In such a case, if the official charges square measure revised by the higher than authorities, further charges together with miscellaneous charges are to be paid by the applier.

Another condition within the circular of 02.07.2005 is that the authorities involved mustn't allow allotment of website during a layout until the government. specifications are met. this can be imprecise. that are these specifications? UN agency needs to decide regarding these specifications? UN agency needs to watch these requirements?

The officers of the agencies don't just like the Single Window Agency procedure. Heads of such agencies, UN agency square measure busy, depute junior officers to attend the meeting of the SWA. The junior officers can feel awkward to specific opinion on clarifications and take a look at to urge the topic postponed in SWA meeting. this implies delay in taking selections regarding conversion.  The officers could just like the earlier procedure to be continued  and not the SWA. this can be the opinion typically exposed by the builders.

All the higher than points are to be corrected/ created terribly clear within the Government circular to avoid more harassment.

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