Wednesday, September 25, 2013

5 regions Bangalore Residential Properties: RER frank talk on GOVERNMENT DEALINGS...


It is unfortunate that the Bangalore - Mysore Infra. structure Corridor project is not sailing smoothly and is facing one problem or the other. Time and again, the management of Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise [NICE] has to knock on the doors of the courts for directions against the hurdles put in by various agencies including the Government of Karnataka

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It is not as if the project has been awarded to NICE without deliberations and agreement between the Government of Karnataka and the NICE. The only difference is that the political party in power then and now is different. In a democratic society, Governments do change. The decisions and agreements of the erstwhile Governments should not be whittled down by the Government in power for whatever be the reason. Lest, people would not only lose faith in the Government and refrain from entertaining Government contracts but also would try to fall in line with it and litigate all issues every time when the situation is in their favour. This will set in an unhealthy trend. 

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To gain public confidence and to be a model State, the Governments in power should not meddle with the decisions of the former Governments, but allow them to be executed. However, to check the abuse of power, the intelligentsia, the political parties and the judiciary may strive to bring in a system of transparency in Government dealings

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