Friday, September 20, 2013

RER frank talk on Revision of Guidance value...

The Government of Kamataka has made an upward revision in the guidance values of lands for registration which is effective from 19th April, 2007. This is the third time that the Government has revised the guidance value within a span of less than three years. The earlier two revisions were in August, 2004 and in October, 2005. 

Increase in guidance value is not a solution to curb the high rise in land value in and across Bangalore. Supply should be equal to the demand and when supply is less than the demand, prices are bound to go up. If the Government is able to meet the housing needs of the people, then the private developers cannot sell their properties and products at exorbitant prices. By this revision, the already escalated value of property in and across Bangalore would go for a further steep rise. 

Needless to say that every elected Government is expected to have a policy that would help all its citizens to own shelter of their own during their life time. But, the Government appears to have forgotten this responsibility since on the one hand it is not in a position to construct houses of the required quantity to allot them to the needy people at affordable prices and also puts restrictions on land conversions while on the other it has been creating special economic zones covering several acres of lands and inviting foreign direct investments. 

The fact that more than 94% of the applicants were unsuccessful in getting a house/flat or house site from the Karnataka Housing Board in response to their notification would itself displays the gravity of the situation. The Kamataka Housing Board had notified for allotment of house/flat/house sites in Suryanagar [totaling 2631] and in Kengeri Bandemath [totalling near about the same figure] on the outskirts of Bangalore

If this is the demand for house and house sites, the Government should not fall back to use all the force at its command in solving the housing problems of the people. It should speedily develop satellite townships in and across Bangalore Further, a large number of house sites allotted by the BDAl Housing Board remain without any construction thereon by the allottees, though allotments were made years back. Generally, these sites are available for second sale at a very high premium. To prevent this, the Government should conduct survey, identify such sites and cancel the allotments if no construction is forthcoming within a period of five years of allotment

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