Thursday, September 26, 2013

selvakumaradvocate : RER frank talk on Illegal Constructions


           The Government has announced its scheme to regularize buildings which have violated byelaws and sites on illegal layouts. This idea of paying penalty to convert illegal buildings into legal ones is almost like a scheme for paying penalty and making black money into white money. In Bangalore the percentage of illegal constructions is very high. Why is this? It is because the cost of land is very high. Middle-class people cannot afford to buy even a 30 x 40 site. The cost of sites is excessive and they want to construct luxurious residences on small sites. Hence they are deviating fully from the byelaws. 

           The Government is not forming sufficient layouts for the people, therefore the demand for sites is increasing. Deviation from the building byelaws has begun to adversely affect the environment. People are constructing buildings without proper light and ventilation for themselves and also for their neighbors. 

           The Karnataka Town & Country Planning Act, 1961 has been amended for the purpose of prosecuting those promoters who violate its provisions. This was not used by the authorities to control the development according to zoning regulations. Many years ago the government had passed a bill for regularizing violations by levying fine. Then Governor had returned the Bill. 

           The government has now successfully made this effort again and these rules will be applied with effect from 15.9.2007. Violations up to 50% in residential buildings and 25 % in commercial buildings may be regularized by the City Corporation or the concerned urban local body. unauthorized site/sites in lands which are not converted under the Land Revenue Act etc will be regularized under these rules

           The Government has fixed 90 days time for paying the penalty, after which it may extend the date for generating more income or at the public request it may extend the time. After that it will scrutinize the applications received from the public. We have to wait and see what procedure it will adopt to regularize the buildings. There is a chance that those living in fear of having their buildings demolished may get them regularized. The Government is not supposed to make the announcement of this scheme again. This method is not a healthy sign for environmental concerns. It is the duty of the Government to instruct its engineers to monitor 

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