Monday, September 16, 2013

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          After the demolition drive in Koramangala against the structures built in violation of bye-laws and zonal regulations, the Bangalore Mahanagar Palike has now ventured into seal the buildings built in such violations on the pattern of Delhi Government. It has commenced its sealing drive in Sadashivnagar, one of the Bangalore's most posh locality. 

          Sealing of the buildings for violation of bye-laws and regulations, is a much civilized move when compared with the demolition of the building since it would not destroy the personal and the national wealth once and for all. 

          However, the one-sided action on the part of the B .M.P administration to punish the building owners for such violations, leaving Scot free and unpunished their officials who are equally responsible for having permitted such 
violations in total dereliction of their assigned duties does not sound well. 

          Had the administration been stricter in enforcing discipline amongst their staff, these officials would not have shown Nelson's eye for any violation of bye-laws or regulations. Its engineering staff are duty bound to visit the construction sites at different stages to make an assessment of progress of work according to sanction plan and bye-laws and upon finding any violation, they are expected to get the violations remedied before allowing further construction

          To this extent at least, the staff of the BMP are at fault and are to be held responsible and punished suitably. 
Similarly, no one would violate zonal regulations, had the regulations been framed keeping in view the need of the people. Mere making laws blind-fold without practical approach would lead to a situation as they presently exist. 
Come what may, demolition or sealing of property is not the solution for violation of building bye-laws or zonal regulations. 

          The buildings already in existence should be allowed to exist with suitable fines to the owners for such violations and the authorities who have permitted such violations should receive their pie in the punishment. 

          At least hereafter there should be strict enforcement of bye- laws and zonal regulations which is possible only if exemplary punishment is inflicted against the staff ofBMP who show dereliction in their official duties and permit such violations. 

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