Tuesday, September 17, 2013

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        The Karnataka Land Revenue (Amendment) Ordinance, 2006 promulgated w.e.f. 11.12.2006, inter alia, 
declaring occupation of Government lands unlawfully AND dishonestly creating- forged documents in respect of Government lands for purpose of selling, mortgaging or transferring the same as offence punishable with imprisonment of varying degrees with fine is laudable. This Ordinance has further strengthened the hands of the authorities entrusted with the duty of protecting the Government property

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        When the ordinance was in news, the joint select Committee of the legislature for surveying the Government 
lands under occupation of unauthorized persons has identified some such lands totalling 13,614'37 acres whose value is stated to be worth several crores of rupees. Though unearthing of illegal occupation of Government lands/ properties is a welcome move, if viewed from another angle, it would go to show that the authorities who are to take care and protect the Government lands/properties have failed in their assigned duty. 

        Therefore, the Government should not hesitate to identify such staff and initiate departmental enquiry against them. These erring officers not only are liable for departmental disciplinary action but also for action under the ordinance. 

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        It is needless to mention that the Government should act swiftly and get back the Government property identified by the select committee under illegal occupation of land mafia. In addition, the Government should not delay in initiating action for imposition of punishment under the ordinance against such people. Any -Iaxity on the part of the Government in the matter may adversely affect the impact of the ordinance itself.

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