Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Property advocate selvakumar: RER frank talk on Cavery Water Dispute


         The final verdict on the dispute mainly between the States of . Karnataka and the Tamil Nadu regarding sharing proportion of Cauvery Water has been pronounced by the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal. 

         This, verdict which has been pronounced after seventeen long years of adjudication and upon incurring several crores of rupees of public money has not been welcomed by the State and the ! people of Kamataka. Similarly, the other parties to the dispute also are not very enthused with the final decision of the Tribunal. The net result is that the status quo and unrest continues but only the public money and precious time of the people are lost. 

         To express their resentment and unhappiness over the decision of the Tribunal, the affected people of Karnataka are presently resorting to democratic protests. The Governments in power should rise to the occasion, hear the grievances of the people and expeditiously take up the matter with the concerned adjudicating body for redressal. Allowing this unrest unattended to for a long time by the Government would put the situation out of its control leading to lawlessness and loss of public property

         However, the aggrieved parties should understand that in such a sensitive matter, there could be no fool-proof solution and no judicial verdict could bring in solutions in these matters since every agitating party has a straw in their stand and argument and the decision in favour of anyone would definitely affect the other leading to public unrest in the aggrieved State. 

         Sticking to one's own pre-conceived stand would not solve the property problem. Therefore, the Governments of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Pondicherry should discuss the matter with an open mind in a friendly atmosphere and adopt "give and take" policy so that the people of these States could amicably share the available water to their best advantage. 

         Further, the Governments in power should take immediate steps to preserve the available water by plugging leakage of water due to cracks in the dam/canal and build tanks wherever needed to preserve the excess water that may be available when there are good rains for being used during lean period. Steps are also needed to develop the catchment areas of the main river and its tributaries by planting saplings which in turn would help in increase of rain fall. 

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