Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Advocatre Selvakumar Bangalore : RER frank talk on Protecting Government Land

Protecting Government Land 

             Even after lapse of fiftynine years of independence, one of the basic necessities of the people viz., shelter for all looks like a-fairy tale dream. Successive Governments at the Centre and States are not very successful to address this problem effectively though some serious efforts are in the offing in recent years. 

             Further, a large chunk of Government lands are in the grip of land mafia. The authorities vested with the power to protect Government lands have not been very effective since encroachment of these lands by the land mafia is continuing unchecked though now and then we hear some eviction action by the Government which is far from satisfactory. 

             To arrest such grabbing of Government lands by the land mafia the Government should first update its data bank concerning Government lands situate in different parts of the city and take road to road survey by its vigilance squad to identify the lands in occupation of land mafia. 

             There after take urgent steps to get back these lands. At the same time, Government should initiate punitive action against these mafia to prevent them from repeating such illegal activity if necessary through appropriate legislation. 

             However, as a one time go, Government may notify that the land mafia may voluntarily declare and surrender Government lands within a stipulated period to save themselves against the deterrent punitive / legal action. At the same time, Government should speed up their action to solve the housing problems of the masses.

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